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Character Creation

  • Any combination of race, class, and template, subject to final approval. Don’t get too wild, and you should be fine.
  • 91 points to distribute between stats. Start at zero, and work up from there. Minimum of 3 in each AFTER racial adjustments; you can go over 18 before applying racial adjustments, however each point over 18 costs more. For instance, 19-20 costs two points each, 21-22 costs 3 points each, and so forth.
  • Start at level five, multiclassing is allowed.
  • There are three options with regards to equipment: you can pick it yourself with wbl, you can pick whatever you want, and then write me a very detailed background and history for your character, justifying all equipment therein, or you can let me pick for you. I am more than fair in that regard, as I tend to pick stuff based on what’s thematically appropriate to the character, which, you know, might be some pretty hefty stuff.
  • No CE.
  • All requirements for feats considered to be altered to conform with Pathfinder. For instance, a feat requiring 4 ranks in Spot will now require 1 rank in Perception. And so forth. All y’all are smart, you know what I mean.
  • There is one blanket ban, and its name is Pun-Pun.
  • BoED and BoVD are kind of allowed. Ask, and if I like the concept, I’ll probably say yes.

Azy's Skypedistance Campaign

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