Azy's Skypedistance Campaign

Session 01

It was a bright and sunny day, and nobody was where they were supposed to be. Instead, they were in the desert. Marson Rael met with what appeared to be a small, round housecat, and after observing a distant tower in one direction, and a walled town in the other, he – and the cat, who was actually a tibbit named Koshka – set out for the town.

On the wall, one of the guards pointed them towards the front of the wall, where a caravan was moving out.

Marson decided to join the caravan, and quickly acquired a camel (Eyelashes), and supplies for the journey. Along the way to the next oasis, he noticed that there was something… off about the desert, and learned of the ‘things’ that come out in the night from Balt, the caravan master.

Meanwhile, Koshka, still in the guise of a cat, was handed off to a camel-riding, water-distributing child, who carried the tibbit around the caravan, as it went about its duties. In the course of this, Koshka learned that despite first appearances, a number of the people in the caravan weren’t human at all, but included a number of halflings, elves, and even orcs.

Toward evening – which took an unnaturally long time to come – the caravan reached the Salt Oasis, where they set up camp in and around the tiny, walled freshwater well.

In the night, the camp was attacked by a small horde of some mysterious variety of undead. Had the caravan been alone, they would likely have been hard-pressed to hold them off through the night. But as it was, between Marson’s bombs, and Koshka’s cure spells, the undead were dealt with in a swift and decisive manner, leaving the camp to sleep peacefully through the night.

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